Free Toolkits

We leverage our experience & expertise to bring you instructional toolkits. Our toolkits include guides, templates, infographics, checklists & questionnaires.

Performance Management Guidebook

Performance Management Guidebook €0

Learn to set objectives, evaluate & enhance performance, manage poor performance and to give feedback.

Diversity & Inclusion Infographic

Diversity & Inclusion Infographic €0

A framework for enhancing diversity and developing an inclusive culture in your organisation.

Personal Budget Tool

Personal Budget Tool €0

Actively manage your day to day finances and plan for the future.

Career Assessment Guide

Career Assessment Guide €0

Assess your career vision and where you are now. Develop an impactful career plan.

Job Description Template

Job Description Template €0

A template to help you prepare your Job Description(s).

Organisation Structure Questionnaire

Organisation Structure Questionnaire €0

Designing the right structure for your organisation.

Package Interaction Guidelines

Package Interaction Guidelines €0

Guidelines for package design/re-design.

Consumer Sensory Infographic

Consumer Sensory Infographic €0

Consumer experience is multi-sensory. Learn what’s involved.

Talent Management Infographic

Talent Management Infographic €0

Understand the key components of a talent management model.

Distribution Quality Infographic

Distribution Quality Infographic €0

Storage, handling & transportation tips for food quality.

Innovation Process Infographic

Innovation Process Infographic €0

The key steps in a Food Innovation Process.

Supplier Quality Infographic

Supplier Quality Infographic €0

The key steps in a Supplier Quality Process.

Strategic Life Plan Questionnaire

Strategic Life Plan Questionnaire €0

Define your purpose, values, goals & objectives.

New Business Website Tool

New Business Website Tool €0

Define your business personality and attract the right clients.

Brand Agency Brief

Brand Agency Brief (Labels & Artwork) €0

Prepare a comprehensive brief for your labels & artwork.

New Product Design Brief template

New Product Design Brief Template €0

Develop a comprehensive design brief for your new product.

Product Opportunities Questionnaire

Product Opportunities Questionnaire €0

Explore product opportunities for your business.

Package Opportunities Questionnaire

Package Opportunities Questionnaire €0

Explore package opportunities for your business.

Food Values Questionnaire

Food Values Questionnaire €0

Explore your value proposition & what you stand for.

Fibre as a Functional Ingredient Checklist

Fibre as a Functional Ingredient Checklist €0

Select the right type of fibre(s) for your formulation.

New Markets Questionnaire

Assessing New Markets Questionnaire €0

What’s involved in entering a new market.

Package Design Checklist

Package Design Checklist €0

Examine & improve your package designs to enhance consumer experience.

Issue Troubleshooting Questionnaire

Issue Troubleshooting Questionnaire €0

Example questions to speed up issue troubleshooting in your food business.