Free Toolkits

In instances where free food industry resources are lacking, we utilise our expertise to bridge the gap with our own collection of free toolkits. Delve into our complimentary instructional toolkits which encompass guides, templates, infographics, checklists, and questionnaires to enhance your learning experience on topics such as innovation, product & package development, quality management, people management, career management, website development and life planning.

Performance Management Guidebook

Performance Management Guidebook €0

Learn to set objectives, evaluate & enhance performance, manage poor performance and to give feedback.

Diversity & Inclusion Infographic

Diversity & Inclusion Infographic €0

A framework for enhancing diversity and developing an inclusive culture in your organisation.

Personal Budget Tool

Personal Budget Tool €0

Actively manage your day to day finances and plan for the future.

Career Assessment Guide

Career Assessment Guide €0

Assess your career vision and where you are now. Develop an impactful career plan.

Job Description Template

Job Description Template €0

A template to help you prepare your Job Description(s).

Organisation Structure Questionnaire

Organisation Structure Questionnaire €0

Designing the right structure for your organisation.

Package Interaction Guidelines

Package Interaction Guidelines €0

Guidelines for package design/re-design.

Consumer Sensory Infographic

Consumer Sensory Infographic €0

Consumer experience is multi-sensory. Learn what’s involved.

Talent Management Infographic

Talent Management Infographic €0

Understand the key components of a talent management model.

Distribution Quality Infographic

Distribution Quality Infographic €0

Storage, handling & transportation tips for food quality.

Innovation Process Infographic

Innovation Process Infographic €0

The key steps in a Food Innovation Process.

Supplier Quality Infographic

Supplier Quality Infographic €0

The key steps in a Supplier Quality Process.

Strategic Life Plan Questionnaire

Strategic Life Plan Questionnaire €0

Define your purpose, values, goals & objectives.

New Business Website Tool

New Business Website Tool €0

Define your business personality and attract the right clients.

Brand Agency Brief

Brand Agency Brief (Labels & Artwork) €0

Prepare a comprehensive brief for your labels & artwork.

New Product Design Brief template

New Product Design Brief Template €0

Develop a comprehensive design brief for your new product.

Product Opportunities Questionnaire

Product Opportunities Questionnaire €0

Explore product opportunities for your business.

Package Opportunities Questionnaire

Package Opportunities Questionnaire €0

Explore package opportunities for your business.

Food Values Questionnaire

Food Values Questionnaire €0

Explore your value proposition & what you stand for.

Fibre as a Functional Ingredient Checklist

Fibre as a Functional Ingredient Checklist €0

Select the right type of fibre(s) for your formulation.

New Markets Questionnaire

Assessing New Markets Questionnaire €0

What’s involved in entering a new market.

Package Design Checklist

Package Design Checklist €0

Examine & improve your package designs to enhance consumer experience.

Issue Troubleshooting Questionnaire

Issue Troubleshooting Questionnaire €0

Example questions to speed up issue troubleshooting in your food business.