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Over the span of 18 months, our team dedicated rigorous effort to curate and assess impactful learning resources for the food industry. While our scientists delved into this task, our head of website development simultaneously crafted a platform capable of efficiently managing the extensive database of thousands of resources. Given our commitment to remaining a free platform, we operate without an expansive marketing budget. This is where our users play a pivotal role, actively contributing by introducing new content, penning insightful guest blogs, and submitting fresh calendar items. It’s the collaborative effort of our community that propels our platform forward, ensuring a dynamic and continually evolving resource hub for the food industry.

The BiaBiz team is based in Ireland, a country which devotes two thirds of its land to agriculture. Ireland has a globally renowned and vibrant food Industry and culture; exporting the highest quality food products and knowledge across the world.

Our team:

Noreen O'Connell

Noreen O’Connell – Founder and Director

MD BiaBiz Ltd

With 30 years experience working with global food supply chains, Noreen recognised the gap in universal access to knowledge and training within the dynamic world of food. While each company and market has its unique characteristics, there are common operating frameworks and challenges shared by all food businesses. Driven by this realisation, Noreen and the team curated an innovative free online portal, dedicated to providing comprehensive information and training for food companies of all sizes. It’s a transformative endeavour, empowering those feed the world

My Management Consultant philosophy is to train & empower people to achieve their true potential, to provide frameworks &  practical tools that drive self sufficiency & unlock the potential of the organisation. I develop free toolkits and training videos and write frequent blogs for bia-biz.com.

I love working at the interconnection of food, cultures, people, science, strategy, innovation, markets and ICT and work with a network of experts to bring you bia-biz.com.


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Sue Pamment – Director

Sue Pamment

Head of Web Development & Social Media

Sue has worked in web development and social media strategies for 12 years. She works with business owners to enhance their web presence and efficiently manage their online activities. Sue’s first job was cooking in a restaurant, fueling her passion for food and cooking. She then spent many years with American Express and subsidiaries and has found her way back to food which has always been her passion.



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Brian Flanagan

Brian Flanagan – Director

Head of Finance & Sales

Brian has worked in Sales, Marketing and Finance for 20 Years. He specialises in financial education and personal/strategic financial planning for senior managers, directors and business owners through his company UConsulting. Brian is also a singer/song writer and a recording artist and has finally realised that food is thy medicine!




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Raphaelle O'Connor

Raphaëlle O’Connor – Co-Founder

Raphaelle is a food technologist with over 20 Years experience working internationally. Raphaelle has led multiple global and regional technical, brand extension and business deployment projects with Wyeth, Pfizer and Nestlé. Raphaelle’s company iNewtrition is a strategic partner for the Food and Healthcare Industry to ensure compliance, customer satisfaction and launch plan execution; with expert focus on the Project Management of Food Product Development & Innovation. Raphaelle leverages her expertise to build BiaBiz’s end-to-end innovation and new food industry business models.



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Our name and logo:

BiaBiz logo

‘Bia’ is the Irish word for food hence our name BiaBiz.

We have a bee in our logo as bees pollinate 70-80% of global crops and are the first step in the food supply chain.

Our tagline ‘Empowering those who feed the world’ is what we aspire to do.