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Manufacturing Products for Gut Health

manufacturing gut healthy products

Recent events have reinforced the importance of gut health to boost the immune system. Understanding Microbiome and the relationship between diet and gut health is essential for food manufacturers who want to provide ‘healthy calories’ to consumers.

There are many challenges for consumers looking to buy gut healthy products:

  • It is difficult to find and easily identify gut healthy products on the shelf. Labels need to be scrutinised to find products that meet gut health criteria.
  • Products advertise gut healthy ingredients, however the overall product is not gut healthy (which is misleading)
  • Labels are technical and difficult for consumers to understand
  • Products include long lists of artificial and ‘unrecognisable’ ingredients.
  • It isn’t always possible to tell from a label if a food is ‘minimally processed

Providing gut healthy products, with labels that help consumers make an informed choice, is an opportunity area for many food manufacturers.

Learn more about Nutrition, Gut Health and the Immune System as an input to your product design.

Challenge your portfolio and define a set of food values that support gut health, as part of your value proposition. To help you do this c heck out my Food Values Blog & Toolkit

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