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Unlocking the Power of Gut Health: A Guide for Food Manufacturers to Meet the Demands of Health Conscious Consumers

Gut health plays a pivotal role in overall health and wellness, influencing various bodily functions, including digestion, metabolism, and immune response. A balanced gut microbiome is essential for maintaining optimal health, promoting nutrient absorption, and supporting a robust immune system.

For food manufacturers striving to offer “healthy calories,” understanding the microbiome and the interplay between diet and gut health is imperative. By acknowledging this connection, and integrating microbiome research into product development, manufacturers can provide products that support  health and well-being, meeting the demands of todays health conscious consumers. Download these complimentary downloadable toolkits to support your product design Food Values Questionnaire and New Product Design Brief Template

When designing gut-healthy products, make it easy for consumers to identify and understand the labels as there are many challenges for consumers seeking these products:

  • Finding gut-healthy products on shelves is challenging. Consumers must carefully check labels to ensure they meet gut health criteria.
  • Misleading advertising of gut healthy ingredients, when the overall product fails to meet the criteria.
  • Complex labels with technical terms pose challenges for consumers, especially when combined with artificial or unfamiliar ingredients and uncertainty about minimal processing.

Addressing these hurdles presents an opportunity for food manufacturers to offer transparently labeled, genuinely gut-healthy products, facilitating informed consumer choices.

Learn more about Nutrition, Gut Health and the Immune System as an input to your product design.

Revamp your portfolio by establishing a clear set of food values that prioritise gut health, enhancing your value proposition. Explore my Food Values Blog & Toolkit to support you in this endeavour.

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