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70 Free Online Trainings for Product Developers

In the dynamic and ever changing landscape of the food and beverage industry, the intersection of innovation and nutrition is central to designing gut friendly products. As a Product developers you are tasked with navigating the delicate equilibrium of demand for healthier products while adhering to regulations. This is no small feat and  requires a thorough understanding of the latest nutritional guidelines to deliver products that meet health-conscious consumer expectations and industry standards.

There is a wealth of valuable free courses available to support you in this journey. These educational resources will empower you with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the intricate terrain of innovation and nutrition.

  • 25+ Free Online Trainings and Resources on Innovation, Marketing and Product-Package Development to inform your innovation.
  • 40+ Free Online Nutrition Trainings on how food impacts health & what constitutes a healthy calorie, as an input to product design.
  • 10 Innovation Toolkits to speed up implementation of the Innovation Process in your business.
  • A National Agencies & Standards Web Directory for 110+ Countries. This is a Consolidated Catalogue of National Agencies, Standards & Food Support Agencies by country and can be used by Product Developers & Regulators as they look at New Markets.
  • A Series of Innovation Blogs and Training Videos to help new Product Developers understand the Innovation Process.
  • A Series of Packaging Blogs, Training Videos and Toolkits to support Packaging staff to identify opportunities and to design packages.

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