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70 Free Online Trainings for Product Developers

Product Development

Our Directory has links to numerous Training Courses, Training Videos & Resources for Product Developers.

  • 25+ Free Online Trainings and Resources on Innovation, Marketing and Product-Package Development to inform your innovation.
  • 40+ Free Online Nutrition Trainings on how food impacts health & what constitutes a healthy calorie, as an input to product design.
  • 10 Innovation Toolkits to speed up implementation of the Innovation Process in your business.
  • A National Agencies & Standards Web Directory for 110+ Countries. This is a Consolidated Catalogue of National Agencies, Standards & Food Support Agencies by country and can be used by Product Developers & Regulators as they look at New Markets.
  • A Series of Innovation Blogs and Training Videos to help new Product Developers understand the Innovation Process.
  • A Series of Packaging Blogs, Training Videos and Toolkits to support Packaging staff to identify opportunities and to design packages.

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