28 Point Checklist for your Brand Agency Meeting

brand agency brief

Your package and label play a vital role in consumer engagement and building your branding. If you hire a brand agency to design your labels and artwork, take some time to prepare a comprehensive brief capturing your requirements and expectations, before your  first agency meeting. This exercise involves all key stakeholders and will save you time, money and rework.

The more information you can provide the agency up front, the easier it will be for the agency to design labels and artwork to fit your product/brand concept. Every brand and product tell a story, make sure you have thought through the story you want to tell and how this will lead to optimum engagement with your target audience.

To ensure that the agency is developing labels and artwork that meet your needs, have some check in points along the way. Verify each label proof that comes back from the printer against your criteria and a reference standard.

Download my 28 Point Checklist to help you prepare for your brand agency meeting.

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