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Bia-biz.com is a unique dedicated free food industry learning platform in support of the millions of people around the world who work in the sector. BiaBiz revolutionises food industry education by efficiently vetting, organising and simplifying access to crucial free resources.

We empower learners to navigate the intricate terrain of the sector and put the power of training directly into your hands. For companies tight on training budgets, we offer a holistic catalog of free training designed to elevate every stage of career development and every aspect of the food supply chain.

Given our commitment to remaining a free platform, we operate without an expansive marketing budget. This is where our users play a pivotal role, actively contributing by introducing new content, penning insightful guest blogs, and submitting fresh calendar items. It’s the collaborative effort of our community that propels our platform forward, ensuring a dynamic and continually evolving resource hub for the food industry.

Our community is global, the top countries visiting our site over the past year are USA, India, UK, Germany, Ireland, Canada, Pakistan, Philippines and Ghana.

Thanks to our users for taking the time to send us your comments – here is a sample

  • Best Web Directory for Food Industry & Nutrition – Comprehensive, Valuable & Amazing
    General Manager UAE
  • Its just Awesome — All in one place Production Manager UAE
  • Thanks for the link to the most amazing learning platform I have ever seen. This is great work.Product Developer Slovenia
  • My clients will be happy to see this. A lot of them are looking for free certifications because they can’t afford to pay for them. Recruitment Agency Hungary

We are delighted to have won recent awards for our work.

  • Best Food Supply Chain Training Platform 2023  (Luxlife)
  • Best Food & Beverage Industry Training Provider 2024 (EU Business News)

We have 18 Catalogues of Food Industry Resources covering the entire supply chain.

300+ Free Food Industry Training Courses

National Agencies & Standards Web Directory for 114 countries. This is a Consolidated Catalogue of National Agencies, Standards & Food Supports by country.

There have been thousands of downloads of our free Food Industry Toolkits with the New Product Design Brief Template being the most popular

Our Blog Directory offers 90 Food Industry Blogs including 25 Guest Blogs to enrich your understanding of the food sector.

Based on a gap analysis of trainings for food manufacturers we offer 20 Free Training Videos

We have links to 45 Food Industry Publications & Associations

Here is a flavour of some of the free trainings you can access from our site





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