A Guide to Performance Management for People Managers

Performance management is an annual cycle of aligning strategic goals to individual objectives and then managing employee performance to deliver those objectives.

For most organisations the Performance Management Process kicks off in January. People managers evaluate performance of their individual team members for the previous year and set objectives for the new year.

Objective setting involves planning and organising your work to deliver on the strategy and annual business plan, providing clarity at all levels of the organisation on priorities and expected results.

Performance evaluation involves evaluating, calibrating and recording an assessment of an employee’s performance. This can be particularly challenging where poor performance is an issue and feedback is needed.

Download my free Free Performance Management Guidebook for information on managing employee performance. The guidebook includes guidelines, templates, example objectives, guidance on managing poor performance and how to give feedback. My Performance Management Tutorials (linked below) provide guidance on the key steps.

Performance Management Tutorials for People Managers

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