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24 Free Food Industry Toolkits

The toolkits include guides, templates, infographics, checklists & questionnaires:

  • They provide step by step guidance and checks on essential activities.
  • They are user friendly and act as practical implementation aids.
  • They allow you to collect data in an orderly and systematic manner so you don’t miss key steps.
  • They help you to evaluate your current process or start a new process.
  • They challenge your thinking and provide ideas and concepts for dissemination.

Check out our Toolkits page for the following:


  • Food Values Questionnaire
  • Assessing New Markets Questionnaire
  • Product Opportunities Questionnaire
  • New Product Design Brief Template
  • Brand Agency Brief for Labels & Artwork (Template)
  • Innovation Process Infographic
  • Consumer Sensory Infographic
  • Innovation Toolkit
  • Fibre as a Functional Ingredient Checklist


  • Package Opportunities Questionnaire
  • Package Design Checklist
  • Package Interaction Guidelines

Supply Chain

  • Issue Troubleshooting Questionnaire
  • Supplier Quality Infographic
  • Distribution Quality Infographic

People Development

  • Career Assessment Guide
  • Organisation Structure Questionnaire
  • Job Descriptions Template
  • Talent Management Infographic
  • Performance Management Guidebook
  • Diversity & Inclusion Infographic


  • New Business – Website Tool
  • Strategic Life Plan Questionnaire.
  • Personal Budget Tool

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